Corona Weight Loss Surgeon


Experience real change with Riverside Weight Loss Surgery.

If you are among the 70 to 80 million adults in the United States struggling with significant weight issues not resolved through diet and exercise efforts alone, you may benefit from an initial meeting with a Corona weight loss surgeon to discuss your options.

  • When weight loss surgery is successful, it can have a major impact on overall quality of life for a patient
  • Results will vary based on the specific procedure performed and your ability to do what will be necessary to achieve and maintain the weight loss


Access to Reliable, Personalized Info

A weight loss surgeon will provide reliable information about the options available for your consideration. The advice you’ll receive during an initial consultation will be based on factors unique to your situation.

If you have a significant amount of weight to lose, you may be likely to see better results with a permanent malabsorptive type of surgery like gastric bypass, which is mineral malabsorptive. A duodenal switch is a procedure that’s malabsorptive on multiple levels due to changes with the digestive setup.

Should you be fully committed to losing weight and not severely obese, a purely restrictive procedure may be better for you. Options within this category include reversible adjustable gastric banding and temporary placement of a gastric balloon.

Helping You Make a Confident Decision

Gastric bypass and gastric band procedures account for about a third of all weight loss surgeries performed in the United States each year. Factor in additional surgery options that may be just as effective, and it’s easy to see why it can be a difficult decision.


t’s a process that goes beyond considering the mechanics of each procedure. If you are committed to making the necessary adjustments after failing with other weight loss efforts, the next step will be to determine your specific reasons for considering surgery.

Bariatric surgery will likely help manage obesity-related health issues and may improve self-image and provide an added incentive to make other positive changes in your life. A Corona weight loss surgeon may recommend a few different procedures based on your needs and goals, but ultimately the decision will be based on what’s comfortable for you.

Comprehensive Pre-Surgery Preparation

A Corona weight loss surgeon is actively involved in more than just the surgery itself. In addition to medical exams and lab tests, pre-surgery preparations often include encouraging patients to start eating as if they had already had surgery a few weeks prior to the actual operation. Severely overweight patients may be encouraged to lose some weight before surgery.

You’ll also be told what medications you’ll need to take during your immediate recovery period. You may find it convenient to pick up those meds prior to your surgery. Doing some of your post-surgery grocery shopping ahead of time can avoid the hassle of running excessive errands as you recover. You’ll be given other instructions specific to your procedure before your surgery.

Setting You Up for Long-term Success

The goal of a Corona weight loss surgeon is to see a patient succeed. The odds of enjoying long-term results from your weight loss procedure can be increased with access to important resources. These resources may include referrals to a dietician or nutritionist for a customized diet plan. Following surgery, patients will continue with follow-up visits so results can be tracked and adjustments to diet and exercise routines can be suggested, as necessary.

Establishing Realistic and Achievable Goals

You won’t receive guarantees of results from a Corona weight loss surgeon. Instead, your surgeon will work with you to set realistic, achievable goals. The purpose of doing this is to allow patients to see results in smaller steps to maintain motivation. Goals can always be adjusted after your surgery based on the results. Weight loss following bariatric surgery can range from 25 percent of your total excess weight to as much as 90 percent, depending the procedure that’s performed—although results do vary.

A weight reduction of more than half of excess body weight is the standard definition of “success” for weight loss surgery. For anybody who has been struggling with extra pounds, success can also mean the ability to enjoy a increased energy and a better quality of personal and professional life as weight-related health issues become manageable or go away entirely. Choosing to lose weight with surgery is a big step that starts with a serious conversation with a Corona weight loss surgeon. It’s a discussion that will be based on your long-term goals and commitment to making positive, lasting changes.