Best Weight Loss Clinic in Riverside


Our bariatric surgeons perform a wide variety of weight loss surgeries on patients who are seeking to lose weight.

With the weight loss doctors at the best weight loss clinic in Riverside, you will be able to consider several different options for weight loss surgery. Our bariatric surgeons offer both laparoscopic and traditional surgeries. A laparoscopic surgery offers a faster healing time, minimal scarring and a shorter hospital stay. This method of weight loss surgery allows you to get back to your usual schedule and allows you to start exercising sooner than a traditional open abdominal surgery’s larger incision.

Our bariatric doctors strive to help every patient succeed on their weight loss journeys.


How Our Surgeons Can Help You to Lose Weight

Our surgeons are committed to helping you to achieve a healthy body weight. The process of working with our doctors at the best weight loss clinic in Riversidebegins with a consultation and health assessment. Our thorough weight loss surgeons check your height and weight and go through your personal and family medical history to assess your candidacy for weight loss surgery. Our doctors also help you to create a plan to prepare for surgery and a nutritional and exercise program to follow after your surgery. The follow-up care provided will help you to be as successful as possible in losing weight after bariatric surgery and maintaining your weight loss.


Developing a Customized Weight Loss Surgery Plan

Our clinic offer a customized weight loss plan for every patient. Each person’s situation is different, which is why you and your doctors will work together to create a plan that is best suited to your lifestyle and personality. Our customized weight loss surgery plans include instructions to help prepare you for the surgery. It is important that you follow these guidelines in preparing for the procedure. The treatment plan also includes guidance that will set up up for weight loss. You may meet with dietitians to learn about preparing healthy meals and what size of portions of food will be right for you after your surgery. Depending on the type of weight loss surgery that our bariatric surgeon performs on you, the guidance may also have advice on foods to avoid after your surgery.

Types of Surgeries

Our bariatric surgeons perform the major types of weight loss surgery. The Roux-en-Y surgery involves removing part of your stomach and leaving behind a smaller  area, which produces fewer appetite-stimulating hormones. A smaller stomach also causes you to feel full faster, resulting in a lower caloric consumption. Our doctors also perform gastric banding. This involves the placement of an adjustable band or staples to divide your stomach into two pouches. The upper pouch will hold a small amount of food, causing you to feel full more quickly.

Our bariatric surgeons also perform gastric balloon surgery. In this type of weight loss procedure, a balloon is inserted into your stomach through your esophagus. The balloon is filled with a saline solution. The inflated balloon takes up some of the space in your stomach so that you do not eat as much food. The duodenal switch surgery involves removing part of your stomach and rerouting the connections between your stomach and intestines. This results in lower caloric intake and a lower absorption of the calories and fat in the food you eat.

Post-Surgical Support Services

The surgeons at the best weight loss clinic in Riverside are committed to helping you achieve your weight loss goals. One way that this is accomplished is through follow-up care. You will come in to be weighed so that our weight loss doctors can check on your rate of weight loss. If your weight loss is slower than expected, our doctors can provide you with additional advice and resources on how to hasten the pace of your weight loss. Our doctors also offer guidance on incorporating physical activity into your daily routines. You can work together with our team to create an exercise plan that will build strength and increase your metabolism, which will also help with weight loss.