Best Sleeve Gastrectomy in Riverside


Sleeve gastrectomy, or the gastric sleeve procedure, is a bariatric surgery developed to help overweight or obese individuals lose excess weight.

The gastric sleeve is a restrictive procedure, meaning it physically reduces the size of the stomach in an effort reduce a patient’s intake of calories. The gastric sleeve procedure is an ideal choice for patients who have had difficulty reducing using conventional weight loss methods like calorie restriction and exercise.

It is safe, with the lowest rate of complications among bariatric procedures. Read on to discover more about the sleeve gastrectomy procedure and who qualifies as a candidate for the best sleeve gastrectomy in Riverside.


What Does the Sleeve Gastrectomy Entail?

During the gastric sleeve procedure, a surgeon will form a new, smaller stomach from existing stomach tissue using a tubular tool. The resulting, cylindrical stomach resembles a sleeve, lending the procedure its name. Surgeons can access the digestive tract to perform the sleeve gastrectomy one of two ways. The more conventional approach to performing the gastric sleeve procedure is to access the stomach via a large incision in the abdomen. The second, less invasive way to access the stomach is laparoscopically, via several small incisions using a scope. The laparoscopic approach reduces recovery time, though both modes of performing the procedure lead to similar outcomes in terms of weight loss.

While restricting the size of the stomach is the gastric sleeve’s main weight loss mechanism, the procedure is thought to reduce appetite on a chemical level as well. Hunger hormones released by the stomach are significantly reduced in recipients of the gastric sleeve procedure. This additional effect on appetite is another advantage of the gastric sleeve over other restrictive procedures such as the gastric band.


Advantages of the Sleeve Gastrectomy

The weight loss advantages are the most obvious benefits of the sleeve gastrectomy procedure. Other features of the best sleeve gastrectomy in Riverside set it apart from other types of weight loss surgery, however. For one, the sleeve gastrectomy has a very low rate of complication compared to other, more invasive procedures and compared to the gastric band, which requires the insertion of a foreign body into the digestive tract.

The sleeve gastrectomy is also chosen by many individuals who fear the unpleasant symptoms of dumping syndrome triggered by other forms of weight loss surgery. Because the gastric sleeve procedure does not involve rerouting the intestines or removing absorptive surface from the digestive tract, recipients avoid the sweating, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea triggered by eating sugar or large quantities of food.

Finally, with the 60 percent reduction in excess body fat that occurs in the first year following the sleeve gastrectomy comes a reduction in the severity of chronic, obesity-related diseases such as insulin resistance and diabetes, sleep apnea, and cardiovascular disease. Some patients are even cured of these maladies for the long-term.

What to Expect Before and After a Sleeve Gastrectomy

All bariatric procedures require complete lifestyle change to minimize complications and maximize weight loss. Sleeve gastrectomy also requires diet change prior to surgery. Beginning two weeks before surgery, patients are asked to increase protein, limit carbohydrates, and eliminate sugar in their diet. Gastric sleeve patients must supplement their diets with vitamins and minerals to ensure they do not become deficient with reduced food intake.

It should also be noted that gastric sleeve patients must completely transform their lifestyle to enjoy and maintain the full benefits of the sleeve gastrectomy procedure. Unfortunately, stomach tissue is elastic and can be stretched over time. To avoid this, patients are advised to modify their meal schedule to accommodate five to six small meals, rather than three large meals. Patients should also be physically active to promote weight maintenance and overall well-being.

For patients who have not had luck using conventional weight loss methods, fear the unpleasant side effects of dumping syndrome and are ready to commit to a complete lifestyle change to support weight loss and health, the gastric sleeve is an safe, effective choice. Call to schedule a consultation today for the best sleeve gastrectomy in Riverside.