Three Possible Qualifiers for Weight Loss Surgery

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Gastric bypass surgery has helped millions of people lose weight and feel better. Even so, it is not for everybody. Before you pursue weight loss surgery for yourself, you should learn more about what makes a person an ideal candidate for this procedure.

BMI Greater than 40

People whose BMIs are over 40 are generally said to be good candidates for weight loss surgery. It is important for you to have your BMI measured by a qualified medical professional like a doctor or nutritionist. If you try to measure it yourself, you could make a mistake and come up with the wrong number.

Once you are determined to have a BMI of 40 or greater, you may be given the all-clear to undergo weight loss surgery. This procedure could bring your BMI back into a normal range and help you look and feel better.

More than 100 Pounds Overweight

Another qualifier for weight loss surgery is being more than 100 pounds overweight. As with measuring your BMI, it is important for you to be weighed at a doctor’s office or hospital. The medical professional weighing you can tell you if you are more than 100 pounds over your ideal weight.

If you are under the 100 pound mark, your doctor might recommend other weight loss tips to you, including adding exercise to your daily regimen and changing your diet. Sometimes, weight loss surgery is still an option–the number of pounds that you are overweight doesn’t tell the whole story.

At Risk for Weight-Related Illnesses

If you are at risk for weight-related illnesses, you may be recommended to undergo weight loss surgery. These illnesses include Type II diabetes, sleep apnea, and high blood pressure. They can also include certain types of arthritis like osteoarthritis.

In most cases, you must present the symptoms of these illnesses or show early signs of developing them. Weight loss surgery could halt their onset and improve the symptoms that could put your life at risk. In other instances, such as with high blood pressure, your symptoms must be managed and under control before you can go through with weight loss surgery.

These qualifiers are among the most common for people wanting to go through weight loss surgery. Patients must be vetted and approved prior to going through the surgery.