Lap Band Revision


Maintain a healthy weight with Lap Band Revision.

Lap band revision surgery is performed by our doctors on patients who have had the lap band procedure and need follow-up care. Our surgeons perform lap band revision surgery on patients who have unexpected results, such as rapid weight loss or slow weight loss.

  • Each circumstance necessitating a lap band revision surgery is different.
  • Our doctors take the time to regularly assess every patient and ensure that the lap band Our doctors take the time to regularly assess every patient and ensure that the lap band


Why Lap Band Revision Surgery Is Performed

The lap band may require a revision surgery if it has slipped out of its proper position around your stomach. If you are losing weight too quickly, lap band revision surgery can be performed to slow your rate of weight loss. This is accomplished by loosening the band so that your stomach is able to hold more food during each meal. If you are not losing weight quickly enough, despite following the diet and exercise plan prescribed by our doctors, a revision can be performed to tighten the lap band. In rare cases, the lap band itself may experience some erosion. This is usually due to the acidic environment of your stomach. The stomach acid may cause some extra wear and tear on the lap band. Our doctors can do a revision surgery that involves replacing the first lap band with a new product. If you are a woman and you become pregnant, you may need to have the lap band removed in order to accommodate your pregnancy. After you deliver the baby, our doctors may be able to place a new lap band for you.

Who Might Need a Lap Band Revision

Lap band revision surgeries are not common, but anyone who has the lap band placed might need a revision procedure. Our doctors may recommend that you have a revision surgery if you develop any unusual health issues that could be worsened by weight loss. Our surgeons may also remove the band if the band’s materials are degrading within your stomach. If you lose weight so quickly that you develop anemia or a vitamin deficiency, a revision surgery can help to correct those issues and restore your health while allowing you to lose weight at a slower pace. If you are working hard toward your weight loss goals yet you are only losing a pound or two per month with the lap band, a revision may be able to increase your rate of weight loss to a more acceptable and encouraging level.

How Lap Band Revision Surgery Works

To perform a lap band revision surgery, our doctors will use a laparoscopic technique. This technique is similar to the original surgical procedure that you had in order to place the band. Several small incisions will be made. One incision will make room for the laparoscope on the thin, flexible tubing. Our doctors will use the images from the laparoscope in order to access the lap band. Small surgical instruments will be used through the other incisions to perform the revision. Our surgeons will be able to see your stomach in detail from the images that the camera takes. The images are shown as a real-time video feed on a monitor. Our doctors will then adjust the band’s position, make the band looser or tighter or remove the band, depending on the type of revision surgery that you need. Once the revision procedure has been completed, the laparoscope will be removed and the small incisions will be stitched closed.

What to Expect After a Lap Band Revision

In most cases, you will be able to go home on the same day as your lap band revision surgery. Depending on the circumstances of your revision, you will be able to eat soft foods within a few days after the surgery. It is important to keep your activity level low for a few days so that your body can heal and recover. Once the incisions are healed, you can resume your usual activity level.

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