Best Weight Loss Surgeon in Riverside


Gastric sleeve is a type of restrictive stomach surgery performed on those who cannot lose weight on their own.

Even if you dieted and tried different exercise programs in the past, you may find that you just cannot get your weight under control. This procedure allows the best weight loss surgeonin Riverside to remove a significant portion of your stomach.

The doctor uses your existing stomach to create a smaller pouch that is roughly the same size as a small banana. As your stomach can no longer hold a large amount of food, you feel full faster and cannot overindulge.


Is it Covered by Insurance?

The most common way patients pay for a gastric sleeve procedure is with health insurance. You can contact your insurer to find out if your policy will cover the surgery. Many healthcare plans will cover the procedure as well as any aftercare or medications that you might need later. You can also talk with your primary care physician and ask that doctor to either contact the insurer or provide you with a doctor’s recommendation that you can take to your insurer. Insurance companies will often cover these procedures if they think that the surgery will reduce the need to pay out additional healthcare costs in the future. Those costs can rise based on the medical conditions that you suffer from now or develop later.

The average price of a gastric sleeve procedure varies based on factors like where you have the procedures done and your general health. Many companies offer health care financing and medical loans. With a medical loan, you have the option of applying for a secured or unsecured loan. Healthcare financing options generally work like credit cards. You can finance the total cost of the procedure and pay it off with regular installment payments later. When you schedule an appointment with the best weight loss surgeon in Riverside, the office will help you determine next steps.


Possible Cost Increases

Talking with your doctor will give you an idea or an estimate as to the cost of the surgery. Make sure that you look at what factors can increase your overall costs. Patients typically only spend a few hours in the recovery room before the doctor releases them. If you suffer from a blood clot that forms, you’ll need to stay longer. Any reactions you have to the anesthesia or other complications can result in you spending extra time in recovery as well. The doctor can also require an overnight stay if he or she thinks you need additional care. You can be confident that you are in the right hands with the best weight loss surgeon in Riverside.

Though gastric sleeve surgery might cost you money upfront, it can save you thousands or more on the cost of health care and doctors’ appointments later. It is considered to be well worth it for many patients who have enjoyed improved health.