Best Sleeve Surgeon in Riverside


Gastric sleeve surgery is a procedure in which our weight loss surgeons remove a large portion of your stomach.

The remaining portion of your stomach is reshaped into a long, thin tube that resembles a banana. The sleeve surgery can be done as a stand-alone surgery to help you lose weight. The best sleeve surgeon in Riversidecan also perform the sleeve surgery to help you lose enough weight so that you can then have another weight loss surgery in the future.

The gastric sleeve surgery allows you to gradually lose weight over a period of two to three years. The sleeve surgery does not require you to eliminate any food groups from your diet.


How Gastric Sleeve Surgery Is Performed

There are two techniques that our weight loss surgeons use in order to perform the sleeve surgery. Both techniques make use of general anesthesia for the duration of surgery. In the traditional technique, a single incision is made into your abdomen in order to remove part of your stomach. In the laparoscopic technique, our doctors make four to six small incisions that are about one inch long. One of the incisions is used for the insertion of a small camera that is mounted onto a thin, flexible piece of plastic tubing. This camera allows our doctors to see your stomach. The other incisions are used for the surgical instruments. A portion of your stomach is removed through the small incisions. The tubing, camera and instruments are then removed. The incisions are stitched closed. You will stay in the hospital for one or two days after the sleeve surgery.


How it Helps

The gastric sleeve surgery performed by the best sleeve surgeon in Riverside is considered to be a restrictive procedure. This means that the sleeve restricts the capacity of your stomach. Since your stomach can only hold a small amount of food, you will feel fuller much faster than you did before the surgery. Because you will eat less food, you will take in fewer calories. Most people who have the gastric sleeve surgery performed by our doctors lose a significant amount of weight within the first six months of the procedure. Your weight loss will continue as you follow the diet plan provided to you by our doctors and nutritionists. You will also incorporate physical activity into your weight loss plan, which will help you to continue losing weight for two to three years after our doctors perform gastric sleeve surgery.

How to Make the Most of Sleeve Surgery

To make the most of your gastric sleeve surgery for weight loss, it is important to follow the comprehensive weight loss plan that the best sleeve surgeon in Riversideprovides to you. Your nutritional intake will be one of the most important parts of your success with the gastric sleeve. Eating small meals with nutritious foods will help to boost the speed of your weight loss. Adding in physical activities such as walking or swimming will help you to burn more calories.

As you start losing weight, you may find that exercising is even easier. This is because your joints will not have to work as hard as the extra weight comes off of your body. Maintaining these healthy habits will help you to keep the weight off. You will also need to come in for checkups to monitor the rate of your weight loss. This allows our doctors to check your nutritional status and to encourage you on your journey to a healthy weight.