Best Sleeve Gastrectomy in Corona


Gastric sleeve surgery is a type of medical procedure that allows a doctor to alter the size and shape of your stomach.

Many of the benefits associated with the best sleeve gastrectomy in Corona relate to the reduced risk you have of developing high cholesterol and other medical problems. If you weigh even 10% more of what doctors say is your recommended body weight, you could be at risk of developing diabetes, which stops your body from properly processing sugar. You may need to take presentation medication or give yourself injections to treat your diabetes.

A large number of patients more easily managed their diabetes after undergoing the surgery, and some even found that they no longer needed diabetes medication. The surgery can also reduce your risks of developing high blood pressure and suffering from sleep apnea, which causes your body to wake throughout the night, which can leave you feeling tired and irritable all day.


Continued Weight Loss

The problem with diet and exercise plans is that those programs only work as long as you stay on one. As soon as you cut back on your weekly workouts, introduce some new foods to your diet, or have a few cheat days, you’ll stop losing weight and eventually put some or all of that weight back on. With gastric sleeve surgery, you’ll experience weight loss right off the bat and later in the future. Patients tend to lose two or three pounds a week immediately after the surgery. Some can lose as much as five or 10 pounds or more during each of the first few weeks. Though your body will eventually adjust to the new size of your stomach, you will find that you eat less food at each meal, which helps you lose more weight. Some patients continued experiencing weight loss for up to two years after the surgery.


Fast Recovery Time

Gastric sleeve surgery is a less invasive procedure that comes with a faster recovery time. Instead of making a larger incision in your midsection, the doctor will make smaller incisions of around one-inch long or less. Medical tools inserted through those incisions work with the internal camera that the doctor uses to view the current size of your stomach and decide how much you can lose. After forming a pouch from what is left behind, he or she can remove the camera and all instruments before stitching your incisions closed. You can usually go home after spending just a few hours in a recovery room. Recovering at home is easy as well after the best sleeve gastrectomy in Corona.

Less Joint Pain

Those who are obese or overweight are prone to arthritis. Arthritis is a medical condition that causes inflammation in the joints and lasting pain. Many overweight people experience pain in their knees and ankles because of the extra weight that they carry on their frames. That excess weight can put additional pressure on your joints, especially when you move. After taking a short walk or doing any form of exercise, you may experience so much pain that you spend the day under a heating pad or with ice on your joints. The best sleeve gastrectomy in Corona helps you get down to a healthy weight, which reduces the risks that you might suffer from arthritis or joint pain. Arthritis can make your joints appear bright red and make doing your favorite activities impossible. With gastric sleeve surgery, you can get your weight under control and enjoy less pain.