Average Weight Loss After Gastric Sleeve

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Gastric sleeve surgery is a form of weight loss surgery designed for people with body mass indices of 35 or higher. Weight loss is achieved by limiting the amount of food patients can eat, helping to remove 75% to 85% of the stomach.

By decreasing levels of a hormone called ghrelin, patients feel less hungry and eat smaller portions. Other benefits of the procedure include reduced risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, sleep apnea, and other health problems.

Average Weight Loss After Gastric Sleeve Surgery

A year after surgery, patients can expect to have lost an average of 60% to 70% of excess weight. Patients can expect to lose up to 75% of excess weight two years after surgery.

Weight Loss Within One Month

The weight changes within the first 30 days will be quite noticeable. Patients will be on a diet of mostly liquid and pureed foods as they adjust to the changes within their body. Male patients tend to lose weight faster than women in the first month, with some patients losing 20% of their excess weight in the second month.


Weight Loss Within Three Months

At this point, patients should be able to engage in regular activities and see up to a 35% total loss in excess weight. As long as patients continue to follow the diet plans provided by the bariatric clinic, their body will continue to experience weight loss.

Weight Loss Within Six Months

About six months after surgery, patients will be losing weight at a rate of about two pounds per week. They will see a 50% to 55% loss of excess weight. Patients will see continued improvement in weight, energy, and mood if they continue following dietary, exercise, and lifestyle instructions.

One Year After Surgery

Patients will be much closer to their target weight, with a 65% loss of excess weight. Patients will also be at a much lower risk of comorbidities and other weight-related health issues, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and stroke.


18 Months+ After Surgery

About a year and a half after surgery, patients may have experienced weight loss as much as 80% of their excess weight. Results will vary due to numerous factors, such as genetics and commitment to a healthy lifestyle post-surgery. The greatest predictors of strong results is preoperative education, commitment to behavioral transformation, and post-operative diligence with healthy eating and lifestyle habits.

How Long Do Results Last?

Gastric sleeve surgery is an effective treatment for obesity and associated comorbidities. Surgery is not a miracle cure and weight gain is still a possibility. Research has shown that long-term weight loss hinges on post-surgery habits.

Patients will keep the excess weight off if they adopt a lifestyle of healthy eating and exercise. Poor eating habits, such as binge eating, eating when full, consuming fast food, or indulging in empty liquid calories can contribute to weight gain after surgery.

Committing to a healthy lifestyle is a great way to ensure long-term results and overall well-being after gastric sleeve surgery.